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"I learned more fundamentals of writing in one 60-minute session with John than I did in all my high school years; his investment in the writing process is equally commendable. John's commitment to the essays always matched my own and allowed me to fully immerse myself in the writing process. His patience, attention to detail, and encouragement helped me navigate the challenging editing periods and push through my recurrent writer's block. Though my work with John was conducted entirely through Zoom, the quality of my writing was never sacrificed. Our work together allowed me to find and develop my voice as a writer."

        --Emily K, Stratham


“John has an excellent teaching style that makes “boring” subjects interesting and interesting subjects exciting!”

        –Ned T, Berkeley

"He was not only patient but excited to help me overcome my struggles with writing. I could see the confidence building in my writing  

  after the first meeting with John."

       --Westly M, Clackamas

“I learned more from John in the last ten days than I have in the last two years of schooling.”

        –Katie P, Palo Alto

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