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As a tutor and writing coach, my job is to open up the subject at hand in a way that leaves my students inspired. I love the exchange of ideas that takes place during a tutoring session, and the chance to discover from each student how his or her mind best grasps a concept. In my many years of tutoring, I've found again and again that when a student is engaged and inspired even formerly daunting subjects become fun to learn.

My attitude towards the process is good-humored and non-judgmental, meeting my clients at their current skill levels and building upon their native strengths. My goal is not just to cover a given subject but to help my clients hone their critical thinking abilities along the way.


When the focus is on critical thinking, they not only see their grades and writing abilities improve but develop analytical skills they can use in college, grad school, and beyond. I've helped students gain admission to Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Skidmore, The Esalen Institute, and many other schools.

My motto: enjoy the process, no matter the subject. 


I am fully vaccinated and boosted and available for in-person sessions in the Bay Area or via Zoom anywhere else. I offer a free phone consultation and bill on a sliding scale. 

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